I’ve been teaching at SLCC since 1992. I am most interested in how writing itself can be the through-line in all of English Studies, and to that end, I am interested in writing-emphasized approaches to all kinds of composition, including so-called “creative” writing and literary studies. I love to try new things.

BIO: Lisa Bickmore attended Brigham Young University where she received a B.A. (1979) and an M.A. (1984) in English, and did graduate work at the University of Utah. An associate professor in the English Department, she teaches composition, creative writing, and writing studies courses.

Lisa’s first book of poems Haste was published by Signature Press, and her scholarly and creative work has been published in such journals as Teaching English in the Two-Year College, Tar River Poetry, Caketrain, the Hunger Mountain Review, Terrain.org, Sugarhouse Review, Southword, The Moth,  and Quarterly West, among others. Her second book, flicker (2016), won the 2014 Antivenom Prize from Elixir Press, and her poem “Eidolon” won the 2015 Ballymaloe International Poetry Prize. She was awarded the Salt Lake City Mayor’s Artist Award for the Literary Arts in 2008.

Her current interests include digital forms of composition, the constantly shifting landscape of digital and print publication, and the power of narrative in argument, as well as a deep and abiding commitment to seeing movies in theaters as often as is humanly possible.

Here’s an interactive profile I made for my English 2010 students (mouseover for links to all sorts of goodies!):


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