Dear colleagues,

I write to offer an account of my work for the past three years, since my previous post-tenure review. It’s been a rewarding period, with much activity in all three areas of my responsibility: teaching, professional development, and service.

In my teaching role, I’ve done substantial work as a leader of the English 2010 Online Plus team, and as a supporting member of that same team, as Benjamin Solomon has taken over leadership recently. I’ve taught the Publication Studies course (English 1820) as we published our sixth chapbook in the series. This past fall, Charlotte Howe and I co-taught Publication Studio, which resulted in the publication of the first annual SLCC Community Anthology. Finally, I taught the Introduction to Writing Poetry course twice (currently as well as in the spring of 2015), refocusing the course from a forms-based course to one built more on how to find and make poems, how to think about the intersection of poem-writing and poetics, and how to connect the writing of poems with a social and civic world.

I participated in the department’s OER and threshold concepts initiative, authoring several pieces and participating in peer review of the corpus of drafts.

I also worked closely with a team to stage a learning outcomes assessment of English 1010 and 2010 across several modalities of teaching.

In professional activity, I presented at the Thomas R. Watson Conference on Rhetoric and Composition in the fall of 2014, at AWP in the spring of 2015, and at the CCCC in the spring of 2015 and 2016. Along with Charlotte Howe, I presented at the Alt Press Fest at the City Library in the summer of 2016.

I published a book of poems, flicker, winner of the 2014 Antivenom Prize from Elixir Press (judge: George Kalamaras). In support of this book, I read at City Art, at BYU in its reading series, at the Helicon West reading series, at the Alta Club, and at the King’s English bookstore. Another book of poems was accepted for publication at Red Mountain Press, and is forthcoming this summer. My poem “Eidolon” won the Ballymaloe International Poetry Prize in Ireland, and was published in The Moth.

In the Publication Center, I developed new book forms, taught workshops, and assisted students as they designed broadsides to print with visiting writers. This included my learning to design and print from a photopolymer plate.

I’ll also add that I applied for and received promotion to the rank of professor. If you would like to review the application for this rank advancement, the index page is here.

In service to the department, the College, and the community, I worked closely and productively with Charlotte Howe as faculty co-leads of the Publication Center, in concert with Ken Nelson. We proposed and mapped a new Certificate in Publication Studies as a professional development opportunity for faculty. I served on two institutional groups: the Institutional Advancement council, and the Guided Pathways CWT. I’ve done informal mentoring and collegial work within the department with many faculty, full- and part-time.

As Assistant Associate Dean, I’ve worked closely with various groups in the department on curriculum and planning initiatives, including helping to plan and facilitate our most recent Regents’ mandated program review.

In the community, I helped organize a Writers Resist event, including working with our student Katharine Allred to design and produce a broadside for this community benefit. I serve on the boards of two non-profit community organizations, Signature Books and the Salt Lake Film Society.

You’ll find more details about the above on these pages:

Professional Activity

Many thanks for being willing, as colleagues, to observe my teaching, to review these materials, and to offer me feedback. I am grateful to you all.

Sincerely yours,




Lisa Bickmore