Introductory Statement

I submit this portfolio of my work in support of my application for advancement in rank, from Associate Professor to Full Professor. I earned the rank of Associate Professor in 2004. The interval between that date and the present qualifies me to apply for promotion this year.

Between 2004 and 2008, I

  • Put ENGL 2250, 2260, and 2270 online, which helped build accessibility to these courses.
  • Learned how to use Vista when it supplanted WebCT, including going through extensive course design training.
  • Helped to build the ePortfolio movement at SLCC by participating in a pilot (led at that time by Suzanne Mozdy and Helen Cox)
  • Served as course leader of ENGL 2010, where we undertook one of the earliest department-based assessments, and worked closely with adjunct faculty.
  • Pioneered, along with several other faculty, one of the first learning communities at SLCC.
  • Received a SLCC Foundation Teaching Excellence Award (2006).
  • Played a substantial role in designing a significantly revised faculty evaluation model, much of which is still in place today.
  • Presented at national and international conferences.

Most of my focus in this portfolio will, however, focus on the work I’ve done in my sabbatical year (2008-9) and forward.

I’ve spent, at this point, most of my professional life at Salt Lake Community College. I’ve had many opportunities to grow as a teacher, a scholar, a colleague. In this portfolio, I will highlight what I’ve made of many of these opportunities, as I’ve contributed steadily to the life of the English Department, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the College as a whole.

As I’ve assembled documentation of my performance over many years, I realize how persistent are the problems with which we engage, and how many ways we try, individually and collaboratively, to address them. I want to show that in my own performance, I have consistently engaged with the students who enroll in my classes; with my colleagues, as we work together on curriculum, instantiate pedagogies, undertake initiatives, and assess all of this; with the larger department; and with structures, policies, and initiatives at the College. I will demonstrate my deep commitment to a collaborative and engaged professional practice, and I will show that my own efforts have been tenacious, focused, and effective.

I have helped to create and sustain projects at the College, some of which are on their way to achieving a kind of permanence. I have shown, through my work over many years, that I commit myself to a certain approach to my work, exemplified by engagement, collaboration, and persistence. At my twenty-third year as a full-time faculty member at SLCC, I remain fully engaged in every facet of my work, and I plan to continue in this fashion. It is, in fact, crucial to me and to what I most value about how I do my job. Underlying all my work is the notion that, within real constraints, we choose, by our attitudes and actions, the character of our work and the capacity of the sphere we want to define as its limits. I want to do work, as a community college faculty member, that takes as its model a full, rounded, and capacious definition of what it means to be a faculty member. I hope to demonstrate that my work exemplifies these values.

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