Over the past three years, I’ve developed my professional qualifications by the following activities:

Submitting my creative work to various publication venues

I have had work accepted at

Glass: A Journal of Poetry
Tar River Poetry
Sugar House Review
Split Rock Review
Red Headed Stepchild
The Moth

My manuscript flicker was a finalist or semifinalist at competitions held by Elixir, Red Mountain Press, Trio House Press, and Autumn House Press. In 2014, flicker was chosen as the winner of the Antivenom Prize at Elixir Press by judge George Kalamaras. It will be published in late 2015.

Attended conferences and professional meetings

AWP (2011, 2013)
Innovations Conference (2012)
Open Educational Resources Conference (2013)
TYCA-West (2012)
AAEEBL Annual Conference (2012)
AAEEBL Campus-Based Conference (2013)
Center for Digital Storytelling Workshop (2012)

Presented at conferences

TYCA-West (2012): “Infusing Publication into the Curriculum” (with Kati Lewis)
Innovations Conference (2012): “The Writing Certificate of Completion Program: How Writing Works Today” (with Andrea Malouf)
AAEEBL National Conference (2012): “Self-Publishing & ePortfolios: Integrating Publication-Oriented Assignments in the Curriculum” (with Kati Lewis)
AAEEBL Campus-Based Conference (2013, at SLCC): “Storytelling: The Transformative Power of Narrative in Learning” (with Kati Lewis)

Presented various public readings

Brigham Young University (2013)
City Art (featured reader)

Presented a public lecture on narrative and argument

See resources and digital stories related to the lecture here, as well as a video recording of the lecture.

Presented within Salt Lake Community College

at Professional Development Day and the Faculty Convention.

Writing a piece for submission to a peer-reviewed journal (with Kati Lewis)

This piece is still under construction. You can view two drafts of it here (print draft) and here (“Super Rough Cut” draft in preparation to remix/revise/re-mediate).