These are links and artifacts to work that demonstrates my professional development activities for the period of the review (2008-11).


“Who will be the inventors? Why not us?”: Multimodal Compositions in the Two-year College Classroom,” Lisa Bickmore and Ron Christiansen (TETYC Vol. 37, No. 3, March 2010)

“Ring of Fire,” Tar River Poetry

“Autumn Sutra,” Sugar House Review

Last Days,” forthcoming in

Dog Aria,” featured on the Utah Arts Council’s Bite Size Poems channel


“The Medium is the Outcome: Connecting General Education Outcomes through E-Portfolios at SLCC,” forthcoming presentation at AAEEBL Western Regional Conference at Westminster College, February 28, 2011 (with Jason Pickavance & Kati Lewis)

Digital Dystopias/Utopias: Writing’s Fall or Rise,” Presentation at 2009 TYCA-West conference (with Jason Pickavance)

Notes from professional meetings

Notes from AWP 2011

Artifacts made with new applications/platforms

Flyer: Bookmaking workshop (using Photoshop for design work)
Flyer for Audio & Podcasting Workshop (using Photoshop for Design)

The two documents below come from a partnership with the Bruin Steppers learning community (for first-generation college students). The project comes from Student Services.

steppers cover (InDesign)

steppersproj (InDesign)

Comments to students in a threaded discussion (Photobooth, Screenr)

Screencast: How to write a proposal for the Writing & Social Justice Conference (YouTube, Screenr)

Mind Like a River: Nine Theses on Flow (video essay; Vimeo, Final Cut Express)

Ideal Weekend (audio essay; GarageBand, SoundCloud)

And finally, my Sabbatical Report.