In the community, I serve on two boards: the Editorial Board of Signature Books, and the Governing Board of the Salt Lake Film Society.

As a member of the Editorial Board of Signature Books for many years now, I advise the staff of the press on matters having to do with the marketability and quality of manuscripts submitted to and solicited by the press. The staff and Board value my point of view particularly in relation to fiction and poetry manuscripts. On occasion, I have also helped poets and fiction writers to revise and refine their manuscripts prior to acceptance and publication.

As a newly appointed member of the Governing Board of the Salt Lake Film Society, I have been asked to look into membership guidelines and benefits. I have also helped in SLFS’s efforts to raise money for its digital conversion campaign, an effort which proved successful, allowing for all seven theaters to have digital projectors. I also attended the Art House Convergence Conference a few weeks ago, in an effort to learn more about the issues and challenges facing art house cinemas across the United State.