Teaching artifacts for 2011 (reflecting my teaching for 2008-11). I’ve included syllabi, schedules, exams (for one course), and a handful of screencasts.

English 1820 syllabus and schedule.

English 1820 syllabus

1820 schedule

View the documentary the class made for the second chapbook, Translation by Hana Jabr:

(C.J. Armantrout and Cornelia Heyny were the principle makers of the film.)

And here’s the documentary featuring the class and the author, Sabriel Parker, for the first chapbook, God’s Country:

(Jason McFarland and Megan — were the principle makers of this film.)

English 2500 syllabus and exams

English 2500 Syllabus

English 2500 Midterm & Final Exams

English 2250

English 2250 Syllabus

English 2250 week-by-week

Screencast: Palimpsest


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